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When Tris is being hunted by his own family, he is rescued by Zestine. He is the son of a deity who has wings, while also having telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Zestine has the ability to change into any feline animal she wants. When Tris' people are changing their allegiances, he and Zestine are tasked to find out why.

A Christmas Promise (Timeless Regency Collection Book 16)
Joanna Barker, Annette Lyon,
Jennifer Moore

“The Two Bells of Christmas” by Joanna Barker tells the tale of identical twin sisters who journey to the home of Roland Hastings, the eligible bachelor Vivian has set her sights on. Vivian falls ill on the trip and convinces her twin to pretend to be her so she won’t lose her chance at winning Roland’s heart.

When Winston Radhauser returns home because the uncle who raised him is dying, he has no idea just how many skeletons will be unearthed about his past. Winston learns his parents aren’t dead like he’s always been told: his mother, who hasn’t spoken a word in over 42 years, is in a mental institution, accused of murdering Winston’s three month old sister, and his father is missing.

MYSTERY:  When Noah Miller learns he has inherited not only a fortune from a great uncle he knew nothing about but an historical house in the town of Willow-By-The-Sea, he’s shocked to say the least. He’s even more surprised when he learns of his family’s less than savory past from Maggie Shephard, the local librarian and authority on New England history.

Holly and Lachlan are shifters who met and fell in love when they were incredibly young. Lachlan was always pushed by his father to be more like him and to forget about love. Both turned away from their real feelings as they were not ready to mate, even though they are soulmates. Lachlan disappeared and it broke Holly’s heart, but she went on with her life.