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Riley Rawlings gets a frantic phone call in the middle of the night from her mother, Claudia. She’s asked to protect her mother’s research as the crew is scuttling off to the lifeboats when the line goes dead. Riley is determined to find where her mother hid her research and find out why her research ship sank, so she hires “Hunters and Seekers”, a team of retired Navy seals.

Summoned by his mother, Victor Cole returns to England. His older half-brother, Richard, wants to marry an American heiress, Esmerelda “Ezzie” Moore. His mother must stop this union with the aid of Victor. At Richard’s engagement party, Victor sets eyes on Ada Hanniford and falls for her hard, mistaking her for Richard’s intended.

Killer Lies

A dark, ominous mansion awaits Kelsey Tremayne when she arrives in Carville. She hasn’t set foot in the town since her sixteenth summer, when she and her best friend, Lizzie Prescott, disappeared. Kelsey later reappeared but with no memory of what happened, and Lizzie was never seen again.

Hadley Morgan loves Aiden Casey. The trouble is, he is her best friend’s brother, her boss, and her landlord. She idolizes Aiden and thinks she isn’t good enough for him. Her dark secret and shame is her father, Eddie, who is the town drunk and accidentally killed most of the family. Aiden is a top racer at the track, but his heart is really in street racing.

Raising Grace

Crystal Macintosh and Brent Stevenson have been wild about one another since they were sixteen. Now, freshmen in college they are living the dream until the night of the fraternity party. Brent’s friend Lawrence plays a horrible prank on him with irreparable repercussions. The last Brent sees of Crystal is the back of her head as she leaves.