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After the death of her father, Lydia Bromley is hauled off to Africa to look after her officious brother, Alex, as he roots around in the jungle for exotic medicinal plants. When a pirate ship, damaged in a storm and full of sick seamen, takes refuge in the cove near Lydia’s hut, she has no idea of the adventure awaiting her.

Ella—Cynderella Jones—built a successful cleaning business, Dirty Damsels, from the ground up. It’s her baby. So, when one of her workers can’t clean a top client’s condo, and no other girl is available, Ella leaps into action. While cleaning the Condo’s fireplace, sooty face and all, Ella is interrupted by the most gorgeous stranger imaginable, Buddy Prince.

Embracing the Earl

Lady Caroline Andrews leaves London for Boston and her exiled aunt after the death of her sister only to return three years later. Her father has passed and left her nothing. With a small inheritance from her aunt, Lady Caroline opens a small bookstore and tearoom and resigns herself to dying an old maid. Luke St.

Spellbound Captive

Kade Rennick’s ultimate goal in life is to free the world of all dragon spirits. Recently freed from the spawn of a spirit himself, Kade finds himself facing off with the beautiful yet confused Faith Edwards. Faith has made it her mission to free her childhood friend from the control of a dragon spirit.

Riding Hard

When it comes to rotten luck with women, Dodge sits at the top of that list. A beloved brother in his biker family – Dave ‘Dodge’ Roth has baggage: debts raked up by his ex and the stresses of being the single parent to a traumatized three-year-old Cullen. When a beautiful, smart, hot woman moves into the house across the road, Dodge finds it hard to ignore his attraction.