Dragon Knight's Ring (Order of the Dragon Knights, Book 5)


HISTORICAL:  The Clan MacKay were the infamous Dragon Knights until evil came into their lives, taking the life of their sister and angering the Fae. Adam MacFhearguis watched the love of his life die at the hand of her brother's anger-driven sword. He wandered for years, joining the Crusades, seeking solace for his broken heart. Returning home he learns that he is now a Dragon Knight and that his enemies are his family's allies. The death of Margaret MacKay created a shift in allegiances and the hearts of those who loved her. The Fae also shifted the veils of time and saved Meggie, just not in the time and place where she died. The Clans MacKay and MacFhearguis must come together to save not only Meggie, but the world itself as evil draws ever closer to taking control of the universe. 


A time-traveling novel of exceptional design, this book draws the reader in and leaves them wanting more at the end. Beautifully crafted characters and a solid plot design bring this historical drama to life in a dynamic manner. Time travel is a challenge and Ms. Morgan tackles the challenge with finesse. All risky issues are handled with ease, and there are no mistakes to be found. Start to finish this book is one that is hard to put down, and then it leaves the reader wanting more. Thankfully Adam ensures the readers that there will be more from the Clan MacKay. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto