Dragon Knight’s Sword (Order of the Dragon Knights #1)


TIME TRAVEL:  Brigid Moira O’Neill has received an ancient sword - but from whom, she does not know. All she knows is she must return it to its rightful owner in Scotland. When she arrives in Scotland, Conn MacRoich is her guide. After hitting yet another dead end, Brigid marches off with the sword in a fit of pique. Conn tries to stop her, but not before she falls, hurts herself and bloodies the hilt of the sword. She does this while standing in a magical stone ring. She feels odd and Conn shouts to her that she needs to return the sword to Duncan MacKay. This is also when she learns Conn is a Fenian warrior, who has sworn to protect her. When she next gains consciousness, she is in the year 1210.


This novel starts off slowly as Brigid does her research on the sword and makes her decision to go to Scotland. This adds little to the progression of the story. The tale drags on even after she arrives in Scotland. The story truly begins when Brigid awakens after traveling through the time portal. From this point, the story becomes rich and full with descriptions of castles, landscapes, and the way of life in the 1200’s. One can almost see the scenes as they unfold. The novel is very realistic of the time period and includes the hardships and cruelties of the era. This is a delightful read and will be enjoyed by anyone who needs a bit of fantasy in their lives.


Belinda Wilson