Dragon Knight’s Axe (Order of the Dragon Knights #3)


HISTORICAL:  Research assistant Fiona O'Quinlan lives and breathes her job at Trinity College. She is working on a project translating a medieval tablet, upon which are written the intriguing words, “Dragon Knight”, in Gaelic. She takes a break while working on the archeological dig and when she awakens she finds herself in Medieval Ireland! She meets Alastair McKay and he decides the best thing is to take her to her relatives. During the voyage, Fiona realizes she loves Alistair, the gruff, brooding, Dragon Knight. Fiona makes it her mission to help Alastair take his axe to be cleansed by the Dragon. As they travel, Alastair admits to caring about Fiona. Can this modern-day Irish lass adjust enough to stay in the medieval past to make a future with Alastair?


This is a fast-paced novel with a plethora of fascinating characters! All of them have compelling backstories which are told as the story progresses. This in no way slows the plot,  but instead enhances the tale by embellishing it with hints of other stories that are to be found in other books in the series. Mary Morgan has created beautifully strong characters in this unique offering of magical Dragon Knights, damsels in distress, and dragons. Although there were several loose ends left hanging, they are promised to be tied up in the next book - leaving this reviewer excited to catch up with the friends made in this installment and eager to see how the evil druid is finally conquered!



Belinda Wilson