Dragon Dancer Book 1: The Awakening


FANTASY ROMANCE: Simone Walker just wants to live a peaceful life in Atlanta, GA with her daughter.  Unfortunately, there is a voice in her head – not her inner consciousness, an actual voice – that keeps demanding to be free, and the menacing shadows she thought she had escaped years ago are back threatening everything Simone holds dear.  Additionally, British MI-5 agent Trent Arnot has just shown up in Atlanta to tell her that her sister has been murdered, and Simone and her daughter are next on the killer’s list.  To top it all off, Simone is wildly attracted to Trent - and the feeling is mutual - yet he refuses to act on it, saying only that he does not want to be ruled by destiny.  

What a wild ride!  This book touches on just about everything – fantasy, romance, history, and murder.  There are witches, dragons, family secrets, and a crazy relative or two.  The action begins in Simone’s hometown of Atlanta and continues across the pond in Trent’s English homeland.  There’s enough going on here to fill two books, and the dragon dancer plotline is far more interesting than that of the murderer chasing Simone.  Amidst all the danger, Simone and Trent keep engaging in a repetitive dance of alternating attraction and pushing each other away, which becomes tiresome for the reader who just wants the two characters to be honest with one another.  Eventually, Trent realizes he must claim Simone’s heart in order to give her the strength to control the power within her that is trying to claim her soul, leaving the reader satisfied at last! 


Leslie Stokes