Dragon Burning Bright


Adara has a problem. She randomly sets everything on fire. It’s a genetic condition she’s been struggling to keep under control. It has cost her her job and makes it difficult for her to have a real meaningful relationship. What she doesn’t know is that if she can’t embrace this ability, it will eventually consume her. Enter Endre Felman. He’s lived in the mountains for centuries in constant search for his mate. When he meets Adara, he knows she’s the one, but convincing her dragons are real is a lot harder than he anticipated. He might be the key to saving Adara from herself, but will she let him?

Ms. Fox has created a fun twist on the dragon shifter genre, making her own lore and keeping it fresh! “Dragon Burning Bright” is fun and witty on every page! It leaps right into the action at the very beginning and keeps going throughout. The characters each have their own unique voice, and their interactions with each other are one of the many wonderful things about this novella! There are a lot of funny moments, and many touching ones as well. Readers will be engrossed in Adara and Endre’s journey as they search for the answers behind Adara’s spontaneous combustion problem. While this novella is a great deal of fun, there are areas where elements could be expanded upon. Readers are definitely going to want more of this beautifully crafted world Ms. Fox has built!

This is a perfect read for lovers of paranormal romance and witty stories!

Chelsea Andersen