Dragon’s Heart

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A millennium ago, Draakar was forced to leave Earth (and his truemate) behind. While it seemed necessary at the time, it turned out not be an ideal solution. His people are not thriving, and he is getting weaker without his truemate to strengthen him. The time has come to resolve it all. Draakar will go to Earth, find his truemate and save his brethren for the second time.
Maya is living her life blissfully unaware that she is, in fact, a dragon. But, when she finds an unconscious man in the middle of a stone circle, things start getting weird, and soon everything implodes. All she thought she knew is wrong –the most life altering is suddenly knowing there’s a dragon inside her, a dragon who doesn’t shy from expressing her views.

The mythology of the world these dragons inhabit is well thought out. The problem lies in the execution. There are too many things that only confuse the reader – especially when the powers and abilities of the dragons are in question. There are also other issues - mainly with Maya’s behavior, the change she goes through after discovering her dragon is immense, but the lines between them are blurred. There is also the unbelievably easy way they all accept that they are dragons! Some expressions of denial (even with the shared memory thing) would’ve made for a more realistic read. All in all, with more fleshing out and attention to details that would make it more believable, this could’ve made for a fantastic read!

Ana Smith