Dragon’s Gap: Reighn and Sage’s Story


FANTASY:  Reighn had no idea when he woke up one morning, that by the end of the day, he would not only have his long-desired mate but two young daughters as well. The most feared and strongest of all dragons and leader of a dying society, Reighn has waited a thousand years for his shadow. When Sage wakes up, it is to the news that her daughter has been kidnapped. The inhabitants of Dragon’s Gap should know not to stand between a wolf and her child! In searching for her daughter, she never expected to find her mate, bringing great change to Dragon’s Gap. When the Elementals unexpectedly return, it signals the return of all magical creatures. In turn, Reighn pledges dragon kind to be shields for the Elementals to protect the world from those who wish to corrupt earth. 

A fantasy romance of epic proportions, Dragon’s Gap is an ambitious debut to a series. Unfortunately, it bows under the weight of its own enthusiasm. The story has potential with a solid premise, but the execution stymies any progress the plot can make. Probably its greatest weakness is the need for a thorough proofreading. Filled with errors and burdened with a longwinded writing style, the story drags. A good percentage of the beginning is dedicated to back story, so the real story does not start until much later. This is aggravating, making the reader feel like they have dedicated much time and effort into the novel before it even begins. That being said, Dragon’s Gap is a well thought out story filled with romance and fantasy. 

Arec Rain