A Double Shot Of Magic (Perfect Brew Book 2)


MYSTERY:  Cassie Black is a growing sorceress with a caffeine addiction, who is trying to grow her craft and protect the city from dark forces that are infiltrating her town. That she is now guardian to a magical portal is definitely a cause for concern, not to mention she has a murder to solve. And who can concentrate on the major things when your love life involves juggling three very different would-be suitors?  What do you get when a vampire, a human, and a warlock are all vying for your attention? A pot full of trouble, and the chance for an epic romance.  If only the imminent magical threat would just disappear, if only for a while!

Cassie Black definitely has the potential to be a seriously fabulous, take-no-names sorceress, and the addition of a caffeine addiction makes the character instantly more relatable.  Sadly, she never fully seems to reach her potential, with the story spending too much time debating which of the three suitors is right for her. At times the main plot points feel lost with not enough romance to fit into that category, or enough crime solving to be a satisfying mystery.  The different magical aspects are a great concept. Although billed as a stand-alone read, it felt at times as though crucial parts of the back story were missing, leaving the reader feeling that the story fell flat.  Both the mystery and the love life dilemmas are eventually resolved leaving Cassie in a strong position, ready to continue her magical adventures in the concluding part of the trilogy.

Melanie Newton