Into the Divine (Forbidden Love Series #6)


The Knight family has traversed many adventures and challenges, but now they face the greatest of all - their destruction. Samuel Corbin, once a human detective, now acts as an Enforcer for the family, but he cannot let go of the detective within his soul. His actions draw attention from the extreme directions of pure good and pure evil. Azerial, Goddess of the Earth, has watched over the Knight family for ages. She guides her charges through thick and thin. Now she finds herself distracted by Samuel, discovering feelings that a being of her standing should not have. Alas, her distraction comes at a terrible time, as Abaddon the Destroyer has also taken notice of Samuel. The demon seeks for the vampires to control their wayward vampire. 


Vampires, demons, dragons, fey, ghosts, werewolves, and a goddess; oh my! “Into the Divine” is a complex story crafted around a set of magnificent characters that are beloved by each other and all that they touch. In the final chapter of the series, the once human detective and Goddess share their fractured love story as a demon seeks to rain vengeance down upon the entire Knight clan. The plot is well developed and it is not hard to fall in love with the characters. Unfortunately, diving in at the end of the adventure causes a first time reader to miss all of the finite details of each character’s individual story. Thus the story is not a standalone tale; read them all, start to finish!


Penelope Anne Bartotto