Divergent Bloodline


Officer Viviane Taylor and her partner, Mike, are called out to the site of a bizarre murder. The corpse is at the docks hanging upside down, with the head hanging by a sliver and the chest missing its heart. It’s immediately assumed to be mob related because the victim was known to work for Julian DeMatteo. Viviane interviews DeMatteo as a person of interest. Before the interview is over, he has asked her for a date and she accepts, knowing this is against PD policy. Little does she know that this irresistible, wealthy and charming man is none other than the king of the vampires. The beast within him has targeted Viviane as its mate and there is no escaping!


This is not a typical vampire story. It dispels old myths and eloquently writes new ones of its own. The characters are larger than life and although there are many characters to keep track of, T.J. Shaw has a mastery that makes it easy to remember each one on their own merits. There is a plot twist or two that occur just when the reader starts getting too comfortable with the story that makes one stand up and pay attention. There are a few small editing flaws in this wonderful novel, but the battle scenes between good and evil are epic. This novel definitely breaks away from all those tired clichés of the vampire stories of old and rewrites the myth!


Belinda Wilson