Dissension (Chronicles of the Uprising, #1)


DYSTOPIAN:  Mira is a gladiator fighting for her life.  Her vampire race has been enslaved by the humans and treated like animals - used for blood sport to slake the human desire for violence. Everywhere, there is cruelty.  A Patron would make her life easier, but then there would be other duties she would have to perform, equally distasteful.  Mira is undefeated; an opponent both desired and feared.  All that changes when she acquires a Lucien Stavros as Patron. What will he expect of her?  To her surprise, her new Patron only wants to talk about her life as a vampire, and take Mira’s blood, to create a new race of vampires!  Will the betrayals never end?  Mira’s subsequent defeat in the arena and her reveal of his nefarious scheme earns them both a death sentence. Vampires are to be staked in the sun, to explode like a star nova.   

“Dissension” weaves a spine-tingling tale about human savagery and the vampire race’s desperate struggle to survive.  Mira’s character is just the right blend of toughness and tenderness.  Her relationship with her Patron isn’t romantic, but paints a picture of two unlikely people working together to survive in a world gone mad.  The descriptions of Mira’s life living in the prison pens is both graphic and riveting, pulling the reader into her tortured circumstances and yearning for her escape.  

The downfall?  "Dissension" ends too soon!  It demands a book two to tell the tale of Mira’s escape and her search for sanctuary.

Victoria Z. Burg