Diomere’s Healer

Sabrina A.

FANTASY:  Arriana Quionnes must search for the cure that will save her nephew and prince from a poison that killed her king. She and her two companions must venture beyond the gate and into a world of magic. Through a series of events, she saves the life of Treves Tourbillon. However, dark dangers lurk and though Arriana is the key to the Manticore race prophecy, Treves fears her life is in more danger than she will admit.

“Diomere’s Healer” is the second book in the Gate Keeper Chronicles. Descriptions of the world and its characters are beautifully presented and they lend richness to the story that draws the reader in to this mystical place of faeries, mermaids and other fantastical creatures.

The world is complex and so too are its people, which may confuse or lose the reader’s attention. While complexity is necessary in such descriptive series, this story tends to lean toward character and background dumps. The addition of mermaids is special in that not many fantasies involve this race. It adds a special element to the story. The romance between Arriana and Treves is beautiful and rounds the book off nicely. It is clear the author has spent a lot of time and love creating this magical world and will leave her readers looking forward to the next book in this series!

Cecilia Robins