Destiny Fulfilled



Riagan Tenman has failed in his duty as Protector of the Cauldron, a source of immeasurable power. Banished from earth for his failure, he must complete a quest to save both his world and others. Wren O’Hara is living a nightmare. Under investigation for a murder, she wonders if she is slowly slipping into the same mental illness that has claimed her mother. When Riagan appears like a guardian angel and saves her from a deadly attack, the symptoms worsen. Will Riagan ultimately be her savior or the final push into insanity?

Ms. McKinney’s story bridges two separate yet intertwined universes weaving a story that combines two separate realities into one. “Destiny Fulfilled” is a nicely paced story with an original flair that is refreshing. The developing relationship between Wren and Riagan is nicely paced, mixing sweetness with a hint of spice. The story suffers from a little too much exposition as the author attempts to create a world for the reader that is complete. As such, some scenes in the novel fail to flow naturally and disrupt the narrative. The story hinges on a couple of implausible plot points and the dialogue would benefit from editing as Riagan switches between anachronistic and modern speech patterns throughout the book. Ms. McKinney’s vivid imagination does a lovely job of providing some unexpected twists and turns in her plot, which keeps the story arc fresh and exciting. Overall, a refreshing and original romantic love story. “Destiny Fulfilled” is a fun and fulfilling read.

Gwenellen Tarbet