Charlene A.

Between the chaos Sylis Shilo has caused in the realms and finding their soul mates, the Shilo brothers have their hands full trying to maintain the will of the Gods in Cornerstone Deep. When some seek to breach the portal to the Spectrum of the Realms, Vincent, James, and Cole are forced to seal it and accept the punishments the Gods hand out; even if it means a lifetime or more without the women who have completed their souls. With prophecies unraveling and the women struggling to accept some of the changes, more than one soul and realm will find themselves at risk.


A complex paranormal romance set in parallel worlds, “Destiny” is the third book in the series and picks up right where the last left off. Besides the secrets, the prophecy, which adds mystery, and the sometimes overly emotional antics Linda and Elaina get into, the pace of the story is quick and the reader will be pressed to keep up with all the action and plot lines. The characters themselves vary in depth, while the romance fills almost every page. Although this series should be read in order, any fan of paranormal romance will find the time spent worthwhile!


Sarah E. Bradley