Desperate Possession


Based on characters from previous books in the series, this story revolves around Fallon Trent, immortal Protector, who has become marked for possession by a high level Demon who wants his body, his immortality, and his abilities. Tonia, a human US Marshall, has spent her life seeing demons, and her adulthood killing them. Vowing revenge for the death of her husband, she stumbles into Fallon’s business, and his bed. Breaking rules isn’t an issue, for either of them, until the lives of others hang on their decisions.

A well-written, well-crafted story that makes the thought of not owning the previous books in the series seem like a travesty! Not once was there a misstep in showing the relationships and background information already set up in previous books to the readers, without boring them to tears. Any pertinent history was woven in seamlessly. The characters’ personalities and behaviors remained consistent throughout the steamy sex and action-filled story, while still allowing for evolution and growth, internally and with each other; truly a rarity in paranormal fiction. A detraction, however, was the noticeable abundance of basic punctuation errors consistently happening throughout the entire story, enough to make an impact on the flow. The journey for the main characters ends with the book, wrapped with a bow, but the story line does not conclude, and pushes the reader to want more; the mark of a truly gifted author. A wonderful read, with a unique enough twist to the vampire histories and legends, to turn the most ardent “sparkling vampire” hater into a McQueen believer!

Julie L. York