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Sam wants to be by her sick mother’s side, but her family has been working on Paradise Atlantis—an advanced AI-run underwater vacation destination—for years, and her mom wants them to experience the exclusive first stay. Sam’s fear of being under the ocean and the distasteful proximity to the room her father and the women he cheated on her mom with promises to make this trip a wet hell.

Harper is CJ’s stock car manager, and best friend. They have been racing under Harper’s family team banner for years but have a desire to strike out on their own in the mostly male-dominated industry to make strides in the industry for women. However, in business the road is seldom smooth. Falling for Cal, the man who’s investing in their business is not a road bump Harper wants.

Ash has lived in England most of his life, but his heart has always lived in Folly, Texas. When his father passed away, potentially leaving him heir to Marathon Ranch, he knew it was time to go home for good.

On his way home from Wylder, Callum McPhillip comes across a woman nearly frozen to death in her carriage. He takes her and her horse home with him where he realizes she is the beauty he saw getting into a coach in Cheyenne and has been on his mind ever since. Rose is running away from her evil lover, Walker Morgan, when a snowstorm hits.

Dressmaker Eva is traveling with one of her most influential clients, the Duchess of Uxbridge, and duchess’ daughter, Lady Portia. Eva is finishing alterations on Lady Portia’s gown for the next night’s ball, where the Duchess anticipates the Marquis will announce his engagement to Lady Portia. The Duchess does not know Eva is already married to Lucien, the Marquis.