The Demon Mistress

Jordan K.

Chryssie is a vampire who just wants to have friends.  Her husband, Stefan, keeps her cooped up in their house while he’s at work, so to relieve her boredom, he buys her a laptop. She begins writing a blog, under the pen name Eva Prim, discussing what life is like for vampires.  People begin following her blog and presto – Internet friends.  When someone makes a comment on the blog about being menaced by a vampire, Chryssie assembles a motley crew of her new comrades to rush to the rescue.  Unfortunately, “two vampires, a fledgling, a wimpy werewolf, one human and three demons sharing two bodies does not make for a highly skilled task force.”

Ms. Rose writes vividly, engaging readers’ senses.  There are some laugh-out-loud moments as Chryssie, well-meaning but misguided, bumbles her way through the story.  This character is a complete screw-up.  However, instead of coming off as a lovable idiot, she comes across more like a bratty sister who won’t take responsibility for her actions and refuses to listen to others who may have more experience.  She tells the reader, “Remember, we all make mistakes.  It’s what we take away from those lessons that really counts.”  This is true, and if Chryssie would follow her own advice, she would be a more sympathetic character.  There is plenty of room for more stories among Chryssie and her friends, so look for more books to come in the Eva Prim series!


Leslie Stokes