A Demon in Love (Sons of Gulielmus #2)


Someone might think that romancing a girl is easy for an incubus, but they would be wrong. Yes, Charles is able to enchant every woman, but the moment any of them touch him, her soul is meant for Hell. Awkward if the woman is your fated match, as is the problem with Marion.  The good news is that she’s shielded from Demonic powers, so he has a chance to make her fall in love with him. Bad, worse and the worst news is that:  1) the shield is temporary; 2) his father, the fallen angel, wants her dead and him to be the head of a demon army; and 3) she’s the sister of his brother’s wife.    


Bad boys and emo vamps step away; demons are the new tortured heroes! And they very much deserve the spotlight – at least this one does. Charles is a delicious lead, and Marion makes for a perfect contrary heroine. Their families are also fascinating, as individuals and as a group. 


Watching the relationship develop over months is lovely, but a bit more of the actual romance would’ve been great. There is so much build-up over the paranormal action that the ending is a bit anti-climatic, too. Also important: this is the second book in the series, but works as a standalone.


“A Demon in Love” succeeds in being both sizzling and “awww” inspiring, so there will be no shortage of people interested in the adventures of the next demon sibling in line!


Mimi Smith