Demon Hunter (The Collegium, #1)


All Fay Olwen has ever known is duty and service to the Collegium, and she’s done her considerable best to honor her commitments. However, when her father, Collegium President, instructs her to start capturing demons instead of banishing them, she knows something is not right with the only world she’s ever known. Her attraction to the hunky leopard shifter, Steve Jekyll, complicates matters. When catastrophe strikes the Collegium, she knows she must intervene before more lives are lost, but Steve has no intention of letting her face it alone. Will Fay and Steve have a shot at happiness when the world around them is going to hell in a hand basket?


Jumping right into the story from page one, this tale demands the reader’s notice. Fay is a complex character, having grown up in an unusual situation:  powerful yet isolated, she’s used as a tool by her own father. She has issues galore, yet she’s honorable to her very core. A powerful mage, there is some mystery surrounding her skills making one itch for answers. Steve is a wonderful counter to her. He’s full of life, powerful in his own right and yet he steps back to let Fay do her job even when it goes against his every instinct. Secondary characters are intriguing and the world is fascinating. Though not as in-depth as one would like this tale, nonetheless it grabs and holds the reader’s attention from beginning to end, wrapping up the current crisis while leaving the option open for more in this captivating world. Bring it on!


Carol Conley