Demon Bonds (Psy Demons #1)


Ginny Blackwell knows nothing of freedom. She spent her life as a slave to people who constantly abused her. It all starts to change on her 20th birthday when she comes into her psychic demon powers. Suddenly, her captors are dead, and yet she is still not free. There is Jerry, her brothers guardian and a man who claims he can help her. Then theres the demon Gabriel, who calls her "his".  Which one can she trust? Which one offers her salvation, and which one damnation?


A young and powerful demon stuck in a struggle to be free and still remain a good person, Ginny has been through a lot of bad things in her short life, and her will to survive and be free is admirable. Her problem is her immaturity and bad decision-making. She spent her life fighting to survive, and yet she makes the kinds of decisions that only make the situation worse. Some she makes because she wants to remain safe (like staying with Jerry), and some because she doesnt want to be tied down to a person (not trusting Gabriel). It just doesnt ring true. Also, its not completely clear as to what the demons are, their history or some other things related to world-building. True, it will probably be revealed later in the series, but it leaves the reader a bit confused about some facts. All in all, a promising storyline that wouldve benefited from more detailed world and character building.


Ana Smith