The Demon’s in the Details: Touched By A Demon Book 2

Jeanne Oates

Keefe Blackmon must secure her earnings prior to her turning twenty-five years old. Her mother was an amazing and successful artist who sculpted a series of four statues prior to her death. Each child inherited one. Keefe’s has a contract attached to her taking possession, thanks to her evil stepmother. She can only earn money from her artwork, she's very close and her birthday is quickly approaching. Seth McCall is a wealthy man with a large house and would like Keefe to paint a large mural. This will ensure her funds are adequate prior to the deadline. However, her stepmother is behind this introduction, and it comes with a contract also. Can Keefe finish the painting and fight all the evil that looms around her and the beautiful Sedona, Arizona desert?

Ms. Estridge paints pictures with her words in “The Demon’s in the Details”. This is book 2 in a series but does stand alone. The underground world of Hell that is portrayed is well detailed. The underground characters are very interesting and add to the dynamics that have much significance with the folks above. The heavy spiritual story clouded with evil and possession is written with balance. The overall tale is reminiscent of a beauty and the beast storyline. The contradiction of Keefe stating that she does not sleep with clients and their cozy quick relationship may not sit well with readers. Many will be cheering upon the conclusion, and possibly pick up book 3 to see where the characters go from here.

Viola Robins