Death Knows My Name (Memory Keepers #1)


INTERRACIAL:  Mayne is a woman who has experienced plenty of loss and pain in her life - losses that haunt her each night as the sweet memories of her loved ones come back to her in dreams, only to wake each morning feeling the fresh pain of her loss.  For Mayne, keeping everyone she knows at arm's length is her best defense against further heartache. Eric, a shadowy and sexy angel, appears in her life and works his way into her heart.  He tries to break the barriers she’s wrapped around herself, and the guilt she feels at the loss of her fiancé. Eric is the Angel of Death and falls hard for Mayne. He introduces her to a world she thought only existed in fiction. He has watched her blame herself for the deaths of her loved ones and wants to remove her feelings of guilt.

Casse NaRome has written a wonderful tale that flows beautifully and is steaming hot!  Readers will be hard-pressed to put this book down until the very end and it is sure to leave them wanting more. "Death Knows My Name" would surely be a five star read, but for the point of view. Written entirely from Mayne’s perspective, the book leaves the reader with only one side of the story, and at times it seems as though there is too much inner thought.

A promising beginning to a brand-new series, readers will be waiting for the next installment from Ms. NaRome!

Molly S Daniels