Death is a Bitch

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Former Patron Angel of death and dying, Azrael gets promoted to director of the entire department. Feeling a bit uneasy in his new position, he turns to Death, whom he always had the hots for, and engages a meeting to discuss adjusting her methods. It may have been just a ploy to get her alone, but now Azrael is feeling unsure because he's never had much luck with the ladies. Death has had her eye on him for quite some time, too, but once their "meeting" proves to be successful, love ensues. Sadly, King Sisyphus, Death's prior beau, is infuriated, and with the help of arrogant Damien, they plan to sabotage their new relationship. Is it in the cards for Azrael and Death to be together for eternity? 

Death is a bitch...or, is she? The title is a play on words, whether the author meant Death as the dark heroine, or death, the event, we'll never know. Surprisingly, Death, the character, wasn't much of a bitch at all, she was kind of dull and lifeless (no pun intended). Paranormal fans may side with the fact that the secondary characters stole the show with their quirky personalities, and will agree that they're the shining stars which made the book unique. Readers will also agree that the author's take on the Grim Reaper was a rare and clever perspective, but may be disappointed that some of the story became confusing midpoint. But, for an unconventional read containing immortals, angels and demons, it's bound to please more than several who are willing to overlook the minor setbacks.

Jaime A. Geraldi