Death Benefits


Maxine Logan is not having a very good time.  Divorced, bitter and cranky, she is reduced to living in an apartment over her father's garage, her only companion a cat who ignores her.  When an accident of epic proportions happens in said garage apartment, she finds herself the victim of a "D.I.E. (Death in Error)".  Dealing with bureaucratic red tape is much the same in purgatory as on earth, she discovers, and manages to finagle a deal to be sent back.  Her new gig, however, is asking a little bit much.  Can a snarky, wrongly deceased divorcee really be the best fit to counsel the newly departed?  

An interesting ghost whisperer type plot with a smart mouthed heroine in desperate need of a swift kick in the pants! Max is not a heroine with a great destiny, superpowers, etc. She’s a normal woman who has let life and her own doubts drag her down, and while despairing at the beginning, Max becomes more open and positive as the story progresses and she is forced to see life from other people’s perspectives. Max’s ex is perhaps one of the most intriguing characters, and while Max isn’t always a great heroine, readers will cheer for Roger, especially as Max’s misconceptions are cleared up. His willingness to help her and her family out is endearing, and admittedly, readers will get a kick out of watching Max attempt to help the dead in peculiar ways.

Sarah Bradley