A Deal with Death: Crescent City Wolf Pack Book 4


James and Odette have spent lifetimes meeting and being murdered- they are fated to be together, but a monster has made the decision they are not to be and hunts them. This time is different. This time they can shatter the cycle because in this life, Odette is a vodouisant and James a werewolf, but they can only conquer the beast working with one another and facing the past. They need the help of the spirits, including Odette’s met tet- the Loa of death, as well as fully giving into their feelings to completely succeed. The latter proves the trickiest part due to Odette’s compulsion to control every aspect of her life and James’ wolf half not agreeing/knowing what it wants. 

Warning! Do not pick up this book unless preparations have been made for the real world to stop existing for a bit, because this story grabs one by the horns from the absolute beginning and takes them on an incredible journey. Though this is the fourth book in a series, it does read like a standalone, but also invokes large quantities of curiosity to read the rest- if this one is this awesome, what are the others like? It possesses the ability to hold the reader in thrall far past the conclusion, and at least part of that is due to how acutely the five senses are triggered. Not to mention the amazing bond forged between the protagonists and the reader. A story with a magic all its own, with nary a word out of place or anything taken for granted. 

Yannie Sorensen