Deadly Grace: Avenging Angel 3


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Life is complicated.  For Evangeline Grace, death is even more complicated.  Murdered by the Red Queen, she has been transformed into an Avenging Angel and then promptly loses the Grace of Heaven due to her love for a Reaper named Trick.  That wouldn’t be so bad, except Trick is missing and she’s trying to deal with a renegade magical being known as the Baron who is up to no good.

“Deadly Grace” is book three in the Avenging Angel Series.  It does take some time for the reader to become oriented in the story at the beginning, but Eden Crowne does a fine job of integrating the first two books into the story line without a lot of exposition.

Evie is a complex and very relatable character.  Although she is an angel, she has kept her human quirks and has a hilariously sarcastic demeanor.  Trick doesn’t appear a lot in this book so it is a little difficult for the reader to fully understand the attraction between the two.  The supporting characters are well-rounded and interesting in their own right.

Full of humor and excitement, “Deadly Grace” is a fantastic read especially for readers who like their fantasy mixed with a little bit of romance.  

Gwenellen Tarbet