Deadly Courtship (The Hands of Destin Book 2)


FANTASY:  When she leaves her home to become a Hand, a protector in Trimble, Han-Triguard Magdalena loves it, until murders change everything. When her ex, Jasper, is accused, Madi know that he is innocent and could never do anything like that. Jasper asks Madi to care for his orphaned nephews, his only family. Their attraction to one another returns and Madi realizes that she has something more to fight for. Will the real killer be unmasked, or will Madi lose the new life she has come to yearn for?

The second installment of the Hands of Destin series, this book follows the story of Madi and Jasper. A brisk plot starts from the first word and is exciting, with a mystery thrown in which will have readers turning pages swiftly. The main characters are quite different from one another but this makes them perfectly matched, and there is a yearning for them to get together and get their happy ever after. Some aspects of the world may be missed if this is the first book readers are starting with; however, there is enough information to follow the story and different aspects of powers etc. A lot of imagination went into this series and that is wonderfully expressed with the engaging characters and exciting plot. This is definitely a series to keep an eye on and one to go back and start reading from the beginning. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick