The Day Human Prince (Book One of The Day Human Trilogy)

B. Kristin

In this spinoff of the Blue Eyes Trilogy”, Devin Alexander is back - once again as the only day human in a world of night humans, who prefer blood for dinner. No longer needed by the girl hed vowed to protect, and bound to a night human he barely knows, it will take a lot of work to break this spell, repay his life savior, and decide on new life goals. Vanessa McKinny has problems of her own: her brother is dead and she is in line for the throne of her own kingdom.  When Devin lay dying, however, she couldnt resist saving his life, even if it meant being bound to a day human. Bringing Devin back to her village (which views day humans as pets or food) is dangerous, but necessary to break their bond. However, as the pair set out, they discover that someone would prefer Vanessa never makes it home or claims the throne.


A fabulous YA fantasy story, The Day Human Princecan be enjoyed regardless of whether the reader has read the original Blue Eyes Trilogy. Devin and Nessa are an interesting pair. She is powerful, yet too trusting, while Devin is deadly but underestimated. Their trials getting back to Nessas home and then uncovering the truth behind the assassination attempts and their bond involve a bunch of new twists and turns. The scenes between Nessas grandfather and Devin are particularly good and basically, any fantasy lover will enjoy the new mesh between vampires and faeries.


Sarah E. Bradley