The Day Human King (The Day Human Trilogy #2)

B. Kristin

After Devin gained the powers of the late Sidhe king, he thought the court would quiet down. However, with Fiona carrying a possible heir to the throne, some members of the court are not ready to let Nessa become queen and Sidhe are being assassinated one by one. To protect Nessa, Devin begins to hunt down the assassin and the one behind the killings but the Sidhe play by a different set of rules than he’s used to. Wandering outside the palace, Devin befriends some of the local villagers and discovers the differences between the head families at court and those in the villages are vast. Unable to risk Nessa, Devin attempts to find all the answers on his own but it will take both to stop this assassin and rule in the end.


In this second installment of "The Day Human Trilogy”, Devin and Nessa are back and frustrated. Devin wants the Sidhe to change and stop trying to kill each other. Nessa wants Devin to stop being so over-protective. Some old friends are back from the original “Blue Eyes” series and readers will enjoy seeing Turner and Devin at it once again. Although truth behind the assassinations is not complex, there are plenty of twists to keep the reader guessing and entertained. The major downside is the cliff hanger ending, which will only be finished with the release of “The Day Human Way” -which needs to come out soon!


Sarah E. Bradley