Daughter of the South Wind


FANTASY:  Grad school is hard enough without Dawn’s sister interfering in her personal life and making it harder to keep her dreams a secret. Dawn doesn’t just dream of realistic tornados, she dreams of a man named Nino who appears out of them. After chasing twisters for her meteorology degree, why shouldn’t she indulge in some sexy fantasies? Though the mysterious yet familiar Nino tantalizes Dawn with his visits, fantasy soon bleeds into reality, confronting Dawn with a choice. Should she follow the practicality of her mind or the yearnings of her heart? The most desirable path holds the greatest danger, but Dawn knows what feels right. She just hopes her decision doesn’t steal Nino from her forever.

A debut novel by a new and talented author, “Daughter of the South Wind” is a novel whose synopsis does not do it justice. Lead by an intelligent and humorous female meteorologist, the novel follows Dawn who manages to be both flawed and strong at the same time. Her quirks make her human and relatable, and she is as easy to like as she is to root for. Not only is Ms. Dubois able to bring characters and imagery to life, she manages to make even being tangled up in sheets poetic.  That being said, some areas were too longwinded and flowery, becoming frustrating for readers. The author is also skilled at bringing fantasy and mythology to life. Fans of mythology may not enjoy her interpretation of the centuries-old myths, but overall it fit in well with the story she wanted to tell. A definite read for fans of notable female leads and Greek mythology.

Arec Rain