Darlin’ Irish (Texas Druids #1)


HISTORICAL:  “Darlin’ Irish” is the first book in the Texas Devlin’s trilogy about Irish immigrant siblings who have inherited psychic abilities from their Druid ancestors. Set post-civil war, it follows young Jessie Devlin’s quest for love, which takes her from Chicago, to Utah, to the plains of Texas. Her psychic visions allow her to see the future. Haunted by nightly dreams of an unknown man, she seeks and is shown a vision of the man she will love, telling her to go west to find him. Traveling with her brother, she meets Captain David Taylor returning to his post. Could he be the one?

Courageous, loyal, and dependable, Jessie is temperamental, often acting before thinking. Cynical, arrogant, and stubborn, David’s from Texas, but chose to fight with the Union during the Civil War. He’s running from family baggage and issues, which has left him doubtful of women’s ability to stay, and just as volatile as Jessie.  Though they are drawn to each other from first sight, they clash.


David and Jessie’s relationship is steamy and tempestuous—one minute they are kissing and starry-eyed and the next they are being insulting and cruel to each other, often at a moment’s notice. This back and forth becomes tedious, and the story drags at times with uneven pacing and disruptive character viewpoint shifts during scenes without breaks.  Still, the blending of well-developed characters, vivid description, bits of action, suspense and paranormal elements together with sweet, steamy, slightly angsty romance, makes “Darlin’ Irish”  an extremely entertaining western historical romance.


Lacy Hill