Darkwalker (The 7 Archangels Series Book 2)

De Falla

Seamus Bran is a protector of The Cup of Salvation, just as his ancestors have done for two centuries. Adrienne Perdu is a wealthy orphan who is shocked to discover that what she thought was a support group is really a group of Darkwalkers. Angels and Seers are on a collision course to save mankind before Demons take over and turn all mankind into Darkwalkers. Can Seamus save Adrienne as well as his family's blood line?

This tale is full of interesting twists on the events following the Crucifixion.  However, readers may feel that too many threads for multiple plots detracts the tale, but are woven back together for a HEA in multiple numbers.  Angel Ellen wants to make a difference in the world and the purity of her personality shines through. Fallen Angel Shane, for all his faults, is trying to rectify his mistakes.  Seamus Bran is portrayed as a recluse, but based on decisions he has made he may not be as wise as many would give him credit for. While the author paints Adrienne Perdu as having lived a life of selfishness, readers will only glimpse this through her memories. While slated as the second in a series, readers may not feel they have the complete grasp of the overall arch of the story and as a result the story does not really stand alone. This is a promising paranormal series for readers who follow those such as Larissa Ione.  

Jordyn Teel