Darkness Unbound (Scimitar Magi #3)


Astrid met Zannis twelve years ago and he ripped her heart apart. One night stands were never her thing, but that was all she was to him - while she could never get him out of her mind. The second time she saw him, he ran a sword through her trying to kill her. She survived that attempt to become magi. She was transformed from a human in the CIA going on missions with Kane to being another kind of being, gifted with special power to help her kill daemons. In her new life, she continues to run missions with Kane, only now they are killing daemons to protect mankind. Astrid is conflicted in her emotions; she is now required to call forth Zannis for some of these missions and finds she still loves him, but what of her feelings for Kane?


Third in the Scimitar Magi Series, "Forgotten in Darkness" is a unique work that stands quite well on its own.  The characters were quirky, well fleshed out, and they all worked together well. Each one of them has flaws; Kane has a temper, Cy is a brooding teenager, and Javen smokes pot. The subplot about reincarnation and forever soul mates is a nice touch, too. The plot is very unique even though the main theme (that of good versus evil) is quite common. The magi angle is unusual and refreshing. Some of the concepts in the story about who can be a magi can be very confusing, but overall a very satisfying read!


Belinda Wilson