Darkblade Seeker


EPIC FANTASY:  The story opens with The Hunter literally clinging to the highest mountain peak in his quest to finally end the reign of The Sage and The Warmaster, setting in motion a series of events leading to an epic showdown. However, he quickly learns that the boy, Hailen, that he’s grown to love like a son is in grave danger.  As his memories and dreams continue to filter out of his subconscious mind, The Hunter prepares for a battle like no other. Meanwhile, The Sage and The Warmaster are both attempting to use him for their own selfish motives. 

This is the fourth installment in the “Hero of Darkness” series. Don’t even think about starting this book without having read the three previous books in the series. One will find themselves at a complete loss, otherwise. For those following the series, this installment delves deeply into The Hunter’s past, exposing stunning revelations. The Hunter wades through a quagmire of mind games from The Sage and The Warmaster, all while struggling to outwit his enemies and protect Hailen, at all cost. Even if one is ignorant of The Hunter’s backstory, or how he came to feel responsible for the boy, the story comes through with many absorbing and thought-provoking philosophical passages, as well as plenty of intense action and suspense. The dialogue is fantastic, as is the imagery. The novel is well constructed, evenly paced, and properly executed. Most assuredly, fans of this series will be impressed and quite pleased with the latest developments.

Julie Whiteley