Dark Wine at Midnight (A Hill Vampire #1)


Dr. Cerissa Patel has been charged by the Lux to go to Sierra Escondida and recruit investors for a research lab. The quiet vampire community becomes skeptical of her when an assassination attempt is committed after her arrival. When Cerissa meets Henry Bautista she is not only attracted to him, but she is forced to work with him to discover the real suspect in the mounting crimes against the Hill Vampires. Will their individual secrets and pasts hinder their search for the truth, or will they be able to overcome their differences and work together towards a positive outcome?


“Dark Wine at Midnight” is the start of an exciting new series. The plot is definitely original and unique and readers will be sucked into a new paranormal world. With so many vampire novels in circulation, it is refreshing to find something different. The pace of the novel is mostly even, although the story bogs down a bit in places. Readers may be slightly disappointed in the shortage of descriptions of the major players. "Dark Wine at Midnight" is an innovative paranormal adventure that is dangerous, sexy, and gripping! Readers will be clamoring for more! 


Mary-Nancy Smith