Dark Vortex

Stella Marie Alden,
Chantal Seabrook

Jack Fialko is the leader of a clan of witches. If the clan is to survive, he needs to mate with a witch as powerful as he is – and Zoe matches that description. She is a warrior-healer hybrid, who knows nothing about her own power.  Without training, Zoe’s powers are uncontrolled, and could kill the both of them. 

With a combination of witches, magic, and soul mates, “Dark Vortex” offers a lot of lore, background and world building, but it also manages to focus on the plot and characters. The reader can easily connect to Jack, who struggles to do what is best for his clan, and he instantly feels drawn toward Zoe. Zoe is more reluctant, though. She barely knows him, and although she feels connected to him, and there’s strong chemistry between them, she isn’t sure if she’s ready to take it to the next level, especially when Jack introduces her to a paranormal world she knows little to nothing about. 

Both characters are strong and intriguing on their own, but it’s the scenes of them together that really make the book stand out. Their chemistry is undeniable; their dialogue is witty and interesting. Some of the scenes are extremely hot. "Dark Vortex" is a sizzling paranormal must-read!

Majanka Verstraete