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Desperate to aide his starving people, Jibril, human King/Raj of Bererzan seeks war against the domain of Diomere. His advisor pressures Neeru, a dragon shapeshifter and leader of the Mercenary Guild to fight on Jibril’s side without paying the Guild’s fee because they lack funds. It is learned Jibril has been kidnapped by Kardia’s uncle, a conniving half dragon.

The Good Book

DNF: This book could not be rated, as it is not in story form and does not have characters or a plot so does not meet our guidelines.

Belinda Wilson


Holly married when she was only 17 years old and was ignored by her husband. Her husband is killed when he goes off to war. Holly never truly knew her husband and has no desire for love, or to remarry. Joshua is the handsome army captain Holly has been avoiding.  When Holly’s family tries to force her to read the Book of Love, she decides to hide it with Joshua.

Lady Juliet and three friends are set up by a bad man and the scandal ruins their reputations. Scared, she seeks refuge with her fiancé and his family.  Instead of supporting and believing in Juliet, her fiancé kicks her out of his parent’s home.

Hurricane Harry is fast approaching the Eastern Seaboard. Amy is Arielle’s twin sister who lives over the bridge in the bay, and is currently not informed about the evacuation that has been ordered for her area. Great! Her car won’t start, now Arielle who lives on higher land has to drive out and rescue her sister and ill feeling pooch.