Dark Prisoner: The Kruthos Key

D. Thomas

EPIC FANTASY:  Centuries after the Divenean race imprisoned the demon lord Belthazar, he has finally found a way to break free from his prison. Once his servant finds the Kruthos Key Belthazar  will be free to destroy the world. A dream of Belthazar’s impending release is sent to both Suna Di’Viao, the last of the Divenean race and the former guardian of the King and Queen of Etharia, and Feran Lambert, the youngest General ever appointed to lead the Guardians. However, both Lady Suna and General Geran have been away from the capital too long, and ambitious lords are seeking the throne — even as Belthazar’s servants Isafel and Ilio roam the land searching for the key and slaughtering innocents in their path.  With little time to stop Belthazar, Suna and Feran must learn to work together to find the key, and possibly save the throne as well.

A fabulous new fantasy tale, “Dark Prisoner: The Kruthos Key” is the first in “The Dark Prisoner” series. Suna and Feran are guided together by a mysterious person right from the beginning, which allows the stage to be set  and give needed background and moves the story at a quick pace. The plot is straightforward with moments of action, politics, and smoldering sexual tension which will keep the reader entranced. Characters are introduced gradually, and while many events are predictable, the reader will find themselves so invested in the tale the end will come much too soon. "The Kruthos Key" is a must-read for fantasy fans!

Sarah E Bradley