The Dark Princess: A Balance Series Novel


Hope French knows she is different from her classmates, but does not know how. Except for Emily, all of her classmates taunt her, making her feel isolated. When Jessie and Aaron ridicule her, the windshield of the car suddenly cracks down the middle. They immediately blame Hope even though she denies culpability.  Then Cillian shows up to protect her from hounds of Hell, telling her he is a demon sent to protect her. He knows of her true parentage and gives her clues as to her real identity. In contrast, Gabe, the new guy at school, takes a real liking to Hope and protects her at school. He is dashing with his light blond hair and sapphire blue eyes. Hope likes both Cillian and Gabe, but how can she chose between the dark brooding Cillian and the fair, happy Gabe? 

Filled with secrets and mystery, “The Dark Princess” is a fun story. The world building is awesome and one can imagine what the human world and underworld look like in this tale that embraces two very different realms. However, awkward wording throughout the novel interrupts the even flow of the story. At one point Emily comes to visit, but it is never said she leaves, leaving the reader to wonder what happens to her — does she spend the night or go home? We never know. Although the main characters are well written with great descriptions, secondary characters are not defined and flat in their presentation. Ms. Stalder has written several books before this one, in her “Balance” series. "Pendulum Heroes" works well as a standalone and the beginning of an exciting new series. 

Belinda Wilson