Dark Obsession


SUSPENSE-THRILLER/ OCCULT:  Ray Chavez happens upon a stranded motorist that will forever change his life. Lexie Solis has run from New York, finding herself on the side of the road, hungry, tired, and out of gas in Texas. A tall, dark, and handsome rancher is her savior, in more ways than she can imagine. 


Upon meeting Lexie, Sylvia senses an evil presence within her soul. Sylvia and Maria perform traditional rituals to remove the malevolent essence and provide spiritual protection for her. 


Jerry Kemp is an evil man, endowed with evil powers that trace back in his lineage. When he wants something he takes it, and he wants Lexie. He follows her, and what ensues is an age old battle of love versus evil. 


The story being told dives in and out of lore and legends of magic and native traditions. Through a modern-day romance the reader is taken on a spiritual journey into the soul of humanity. Lexie and Ray make an adorable couple, with obstinate individual personalities that continually grind against each other. The give and take of the emotional challenges is beautifully explored and crafted. The dark magic is an area that could be better explained and it leaves a hole within the story that needs to be filled. Knowing the evil exists isn’t enough to trap the reader’s interest in that aspect. Thankfully the love affair is one that transcends the universe, winning all in the end. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto