The Dark Man's Son (The Guardian Chronicles)


When Jason Latimer is attacked in an alleyway one night, he doesn't believe the mysterious woman who suddenly appears and, tells him his attackers were demons. Introducing herself as Alex, with no last name, she offers him her protection. Protection from what, she won’t say, so Jason refuses her help. Later that same night he dreams of a dark man who smells of burned things. He also offers Jason his protection, which again Jason refuses.

After inheriting his grandfather's estate which includes a large library, Jason decides to have some old books appraised. Surprisingly, Alex is the appraiser. She explains to Jason that she is Light, and the man he met in his dream is Dark, and that they are Guardians. Their purpose is to fight for mortal kind’s souls. He now must choose between the two, as Lucifer has unleashed the armies of hell to hunt Jason down.

The Dark Man's Son is an intriguing story but one that's not unique. It's a story of good versus evil, Heaven and Hell, and it's also a bit confusing if one isn't paying attention. The flashbacks in the story take you on an array of travels, but Alex's name changes every time so one needs to be on his or her toes. The characters are emotionally deep and dark with a little bit of snark thrown in, which keeps it from being too depressing. This is a well written story, even with its predictable plot, and a title that is somewhat of a spoiler. Ultimately, it’s the depth of the characters, and Jason's snarky personality that wins the reader’s heart and keeps the book earning a thumbs up!

Tonya Smalley