The Dark Huntsman, Tales of the Black Court #1


As half Tuatha De Danann and half Fir Bolg, Logan Ni Brennan is barely tolerated at the Court of the Black Queen. However, he is the last in the line to be the Dark Huntsman. The Queen tries to use him for her nefarious deeds, but he wants to be his own man. His strategy backfires and Logan ends up in the Queen’s oubliette for fifteen years. When he is finally released the Queen tasks him to kill the remaining humans in the MacElvy clan. He sets out to follow her command, but when he sees Trina MacElvy, instead of killing her he spirits her away and hides her in the hopes of using her against the Queen. Now the question remains: is this a brilliant idea or another, potentially fatal, error in judgment?


Aspen weaves a compelling story of loss, love and magic and the world of the Fae comes alive in this mixture of Sleeping Beauty and the Dark Huntsman. The reader sits on the edge of their seat as Logan’s loyalties are stretched beyond his endurance. One wonders how he is going to remain true to himself and stay alive. The character of Trina MacElvy shines as a green witch, untrained yet fairly powerful. She has no idea why the Black Queen is eliminating her family, but if they can survive maybe their love will have a chance. Unfortunately, Trina does a few things that are exceptionally silly. That uncharacteristic, head-shaking shortcoming brings the story down from truly magnificent to merely utterly outstanding. Highly recommended!


Carol Conley