Dark Feathers


Imagine walking along and witnessing a car accident, then seeing a dark angel appear, plucking the soul of the victim. Joan can see angels, both good and evil. When she tries to interrupt Phoenix from taking the soul he was sent to retrieve, their worlds collide. Joan is starting out with a new job and opening her dream bakery when she stumbles upon Phoenix taking his next assignment. No one is supposed to have the capability to see the plucking of souls outside of the angel realm and Phoenix has no choice but to report this to his master, Asmodeus, a truly evil, torturous dark angel. Phoenix is sent back to Joan to spy on her and find out what she knows and how she can see things she should not be able to see. As their relationship blooms, so does Asmodeus’s plan to break them apart forever.

“Dark Feathers” brings the mortal and paranormal realms together in a beautifully crafted tale of good versus evil. From the first paragraphs, readers will be drawn into Joan’s story of loss that has unveiled her and her brother Caleb’s ability to see what others cannot. Phoenix’s story is equally as intriguing as his story unfolds — how he was sentenced to a life of torture at his master’s hands and the love that helps to pull him out of it. Readers should, however, be aware of the use of language that they may find offensive. This paranormal fantasy wonderland will leave readers on the edge of their seats, unable to turn the pages fast enough!

Alison Ellis