Dance Until Dawn


Elinor Wakefield is a dancer.  She lives to perform - spends her days in rehearsal and her nights performing. Will, on the other hand, is a vampire. He has lived for centuries and has never found himself attracted to human woman, until Ellie.  When she is the victim of a terrible accident that leaves her clinging to life in the hospital, Will decides he must do the only thing he can to save her. He turns her into a vampire and takes her to his home, where he can teach her the life of a vampire and, he hopes, woo her until she falls in love with him. Will soon finds Elinor is not so easily convinced of her new station in life, and that he may have gotten more than he bargained for.


Ms. Stevens writes a story that has been done time and again. Vampire falls in love with mortal then must change them in order to save them from certain death. Though the plot is not original, the writing is spectacular! The slow and repetitive start makes it difficult for readers to connect to the story, and the lack of connection between Will and Elinor for the first third of the book leaves readers wondering when the spark will ignite. Still, Ms. Stevens portrays the journey of Elinor’s transition into her new life beautifully, at times humorously, and even realistically, which is not often found in vampire novels.  Fans of Gothic and vampire romances alike will find something to treasure in Ms. Stevens' eloquent prose.  An author to watch!


Molly S. Daniels