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Lady Helena Winters hasn’t seen her husband in over a year. Because of his unexpected disappearance, she has gone back to live with her father in Kent. Unsure of what her next step should be, she decides to accompany her father on a visit to the Dunmoor estate. Her husband grew up on the estate, and there are rumors that it is cursed.

Cameron Chandler, a single mom and detective working for Penny-wise Investigations, is faced with a terrifying experience when an active shooter appears in the same mall as her place of work. When Cameron tries to aid a gunshot victim, she is swept away by someone who could possibly be the shooter.

Melody Lane, a ghostwriter, is hired by a French movie star, Charles-Henri Banville, to write his memoir. Unfortunately, he drowns before they are able to even begin working on the book. Melody finds herself in a metaphorical sinking ship when she is unable to maintain financial stability. Luckily, Carlos Ortega, the biological son of Charles-Henri, hires her to continue writing the book.

Piper Thorne decides it’s time for a change and jets off to take a vacation in Ireland. Not looking for love and trying to get away from unwanted attention because of her extremely powerful family, she is determined to spend her vacation unbothered. However, Cian O’Malley, a handsome warlock, spots Piper the minute she walks into his pub and is instantly mesmerized.

Charles Battersea, Earl of Dalton, is the last remaining rake amongst his friends, as the rest have all found themselves at the altar. Not only does Charles have to deal with this loss of comradery, but he now finds himself as the reluctant substitute guardian to Miss Daisy Danworth, after the passing of her treacherous father, Lord Childress.