Cursed (The Vitruvian Man #1)


In the centuries since the experiment that changed him so much, Bruno diCesare has led a lonely life. He only knows freedom during the ten days of the Carnevale in Venice. Ten days to live a year. And then one year changes everything. He meets Melina, and nothing seems so impossible anymore. 

Melina is enchanted by her mysterious suitor.  True, there is something about him that triggers her instincts in an unpleasant way, but she knows that he could mean so much to her. 


A very interesting and unusual view of Leonardo da Vinci, his connection to the hidden world of magic, and even the ever-famous Mona Lisa! Truly not something that one comes across often.  As for the story itself, while promising, it didn't completely live up to its high expectations. The main problem lies within the two subplots (one that evolved from Bruno's past and the other from Melina's), which do unite in the end, but not in a satisfying way.  Also, the ending seemed abrupt. Bruno, ah Bruno - he was a great hero - mysterious, tortured, yearning for salvation and yet so wary of its promise. Parts of the novella were written in his point of view - seeing the world from his eyes, his memories of times gone by - it was fascinating. As for Melina, she unfortunately fades in comparison. Nevertheless, "Cursed" is a magical novella that will surely engage the imagination of a reader!


Ana Smith