Cursed by the Fountain of Youth (Unnatural States of America Book 1)


The Fountain of Youth has had people searching for centuries for its healing waters that grant eternal life. However, anyone who succeeds in finding it loses their lives - they are stopped by guardians of the Fountain from tapping its powers. Anyone except Fae Miller, who was born in the fountain’s waters and consequently absorbed all its powers. Now she’s in hiding, and the only person she can rely on to keep her safe is her new college professor Nick Chase, who also happens to be a FBI agent. With mutual attraction muddying up the waters, Nick and Fae are finding it difficult to stay on track.


This romantic fantasy is an innovative and creative take on the proverbial Fountain of Youth. Captivating its readers with its unique storyline, the plot moves seamlessly with characters that are engaging and likeable. The pace is somewhat slow, but easily overlooked as the twists and turns keep one riveted to the pages. With elements of adventure, sweet romance, and suspense, mixed with supernatural characters, this novel treats one to an interesting and entertaining tale with a mythological premise of two otherworldly protagonists as they struggle down a bumpy road to happily ever after. 

Readers of fantasy, as well as suspense and romance will find this novel fascinating and delightful as they turn the pages on this remarkable, romantic adventure in the fabled realm of the Fountain of Youth.


Janna Shay